If you started planning your wedding, you must feel absolutely horrified by the amount of work ahead! But don’t worry, we have several tips for you, organizers, brides and grooms and all those bridezillas and groomzillas out there!
knížní vazba

Tip No. 1 = set a strict wedding budget and stick to it
Oh, we know it all. You see this magnificent cake that would be just perfect for your wedding, so you make a little exception from your budget. And afterward, you see that beautiful dress you have always dreamed of – another cut to the budget. If you continue like this, you will be having serious troubles. You have to be strict about your budget, otherwise, it will all come falling down on you. And not only you.

Tip No. 2 = Wedding day priorities
Create a list of priorities that are of utmost importance to you. What you absolutely need and want to have at your wedding. Determine, let’s say, the three most important things whether it be food and refreshments, cake or a live band. Prioritize these things so you will have more space to negotiate on the rest.

Tip No. 3 = Bridal style
Every bride is different and you are no exception. Each and every one of us wants a specific thematic wedding. Is it more nature-oriented? Or you like the classic princess? Whatever it is, research it, find it, stick to it. Make a collage or a board that might help you figure out how should you look and what you really want.

Tip No.4 = Organise, work with your significant other and plan
YOu won’t get anywhere if you will work alone. Cooperate with your significant other and plan it together – even if he or she is not really into it, he should do a few things since it will be also his or her marriage. Plan everything and organize everything – never let anything just move on its own.

If you will stick to these tips, we are sure your wedding in Prague will turn out just fine. However, we are always here to help you make the wedding exactly as you want and we are able to lend you our years of expertise and experience in the wedding industry.